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Our Collective Journey Towards Sustainable Development: Impact sourcing

In Zimbabwe, where poverty levels stands at a staggering 40%, we find hope in the form of OmniContact. We are not just a business; we are a movement, a force for change, and a testament to the power of impact sourcing.

Within our population of 15,178,979, there are approximately 1,062,528.53 individuals (7% of the total) living with disabilities, as reported by UNICEF. Often marginalized by traditional employment sectors, these individuals possess untapped potential and talent that can drive innovation and growth. We believe in empowering them by providing employment opportunities and breaking down societal barriers. world bank stats

As our collective mission, we align ourselves with two critical Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 1: No Poverty and SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities. We recognize that sustainable development can only be achieved through inclusive growth. By embracing impact sourcing as our strategy, we tackle the root causes of poverty and inequality, creating pathways towards a more equitable society. http://2. Disabilities | UNICEF Zimbabwe.

At the heart of our approach lies impact sourcing, a practice that blends social and environmental benefits with economic gains. Through impact sourcing, we create meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, promoting inclusivity while driving our own business forward. Embracing the unique talents and skills of these individuals, we foster diversity of thought and innovation within our organization. Census Stats

As an organization, our journey embodies the essence of sustainable development. Impact sourcing has proven to be a transformative force, enabling us to uplift marginalized communities, embrace disability inclusion, and contribute to a more inclusive society. Let us draw inspiration and support initiatives that promote inclusive employment, as together, we can create lasting change for a brighter future.

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