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Leveraging Inbound Call Center Services To Improve Customer Experience.

To amplify customer experience, inbound call centres must exploit data, meet customers
at the point of their customer journey, be human in their interaction, and ensure each customer leaves a call pleased with the service delivery.
Business managers choose inbound call centres (usually outsourced) to focus on core
business operations. The customer is the epicentre of a business. This means a satisfactory customer experience is non-negotiable across business touchpoints.

What are inbound call centres?
Inbound call centres consist of a team of customer services experts receiving customer
calls and attending to your customers’ needs. Before now, in-house teams handle
inbound calls, but today it is often outsourced to external teams so business managers
can focus on core business operations. Call centres make outbound calls too. Outbound calls are cold calls to potential customers: in-house or outsourced sales teams make these calls. Since inbound calls deal with your existing customer, the customer experience must be satisfactory.
Statistics show that customers who are satisfied with service delivery show more brand
loyalty. In a competitive business environment, a decline in the quality of customer service can be why customers ditch your business. This is why improving customer experience through inbound call centres is essential.

Inbound Call Center Customer Experience
The customer experience refers to how seamlessly service delivery is provided to your
customer. Specifically, it’s the degree of precision and accuracy your customer support
exercises to determine the challenge of your customers and the wealth of experience
they communicate by solving difficulties identified.
Customer experience also has much to do with the courteous human touch in delivering service in an automated world. Automation sounds like a good customer service advice until you find out that some inbound call centres have adopted technology to their disadvantage. There’s no human touch in service delivery. It feels mechanical to the customer, like a robot catering to their needs.

If you were in a difficult spot and needed to vent out your challenges, would you choose
to talk to a robot or a human being? Every sane person will choose a human being who
can feel/relate to their emotions. This isn’t to discard the role of automation in customer
service delivery, but it must be used with discretion